launch may 2023

hello kitty

Say hello to Kitty. Wait… Say hi to Hello Kitty. Wait, I got it... Hello, Hello Kitty.

Hello Kitty is the newest addition to the Boyhood family of wooden contemporary design collectibles. 

She lives in the suburbs of London with her parents and her twin sister Mimmy who is her best friend. Hello Kitty is ready to be your friend and for you to take her home. As she always says: “You can never have too many friends.”

If you also like baking cookies and making new friends, you and Hello Kitty are a perfect match. See more...

Launch Q1 2023

julius the monkey

Julius the Monkey is a lovable creature, filled with curiosity and wonder with a charisma that appoints him the natural leader. He doesn’t need to call up his friends to have them join him on his adventures – they just find him and join on the fun

Launch December 2022


Snufkin, Moomintroll’s best friend, is back from his travels to keep you and Moomintroll company.

Don’t be alarmed if Snufkin suddenly goes wandering all alone. He actually enjoys travelling by himself. He believes that having too much stuff makes life overly complicated and he never asks the names of the new places he visits, but simply enjoys the journey itself. Read more..


Moomintroll Collection