“I absolutely love wood as a material. It’s organic, alive, and it makes me want to create”

Our Story

In 2016 Boyhood founder and designer, Jakob Burgsø, left his job as an independent graphic designer. He had a vision.

The Vision

"The look in their faces said it all, but I held my ground..."


When Jakob was a young boy, he spent a lot of time in his father’s workshop. His father would teach him basic skills and share all his dad jokes. It sparked something in the young boy. Something that would live on. Jakob fell in love with the idea of creating with his bare hands. Creating while telling stories that make you smile and bringing back those boyhood memories that he himself shared with his father, his family, and his friends.

“I went to the open workshops at the Godsbanen creative space in Aarhus, my hometown in Denmark. I had this vision. I just didn’t know how to operate the industrial power tools. The volunteers were my father’s age, retired from their jobs as industrial saw operators and furniture builders, and I told them that I wanted to build this balloon dog. The look on their faces said it all, but I held my ground”, Jakob smilingly remembers. Today Boyhood loyals know this original as the Ballon D’Og.


“They showed me how to operate the industrial power tools..."

“Don’t lose any fingers”

“They showed me how to operate the industrial power tools, and they made sure that I did not lose any fingers in the process. So, I went to work.”

Using his father’s basic skills, his creative mindset and his newfound skill set, Jakob quickly learned that creating leads to wanting to create more. The Balloon D’Og was quickly followed by the paper airplane, today known as the Boyhood classic Maverick. Soon after the Admiral, Spin It and Match Man followed.

Smiles and stories

“It is critical – and it lives in the Boyhood DNA – that all our designs are rooted in happy memories. All our designs tell a story. It can be mine, my wife’s, or our children’s. Every Boyhood figurine should make you smile and reminisce. It is created to make you think of a fond memory that you shared with loved ones.”

Family business. Full circle.

During the first four years, Jakob handcrafted every single product. It took its toll on him and his growing family. A few months before Christmas of 2018, a Danish company ordered a significant number of Mavericks for their 50th anniversary. Jakob was thrilled - and mortified. He did what every child would do. He summoned his father – his mentor – and together they handcrafted A LOT of Mavericks in due time. Full circle. From his father’s workshop to paving the way for his son’s career.