Playmobil Man

850,00 DKK

Have no fear – the Playmobil man is here!

The classic German Playmobil man, invented in the 1970s, is now joining the BOYHOOD world.

The Playmobil man has seen a lot of action in his life. In fact, there are absolutely no limitations to what kind of situation he may find himself in.

He has explored space. He has driven fast cars. He has been a knight in medieval times. You probably already guessed it, but the only limitation he has is dictated by you and your imagination.

The Playmobil man is the latest addition to the BOYHOOD family of wooden, contemporary design collectibles.

Go on an adventure with the wooden BOYHOOD version of the Playmobil man. If you close your eyes and take a deep breath, the Playmobil man will bring you back to a simpler time. A time when you let your imagination run wild.

European FSC White Oak

H: 17 cm x W: 8,6 cm x L: 5,0 cm

This boyhood product is made of natural solid wood. Due to this, small variations in the surface and an individual character and look may be experienced.

NOTE! Solid wood should not be exposed to direct heat or sunlight as this will discolor and dry out the wood. Therefore, the product must be kept away from wood-burning stoves, radiators, etc.

WARNING! Choking hazard: this design product from boyhood is not a toy, so please keep out of reach of babies and small children.

”We hope that this boyhood product will inspire to happy memories of good times and put a nostalgic smile on your lips.”

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